i'm melania.

I love to build and create, whether it's through my portfolio of brands, working on projects with incredible humans, or repurposing capitalism at Unreasonable.

I'm proud to be half-British and half-Indonesian, and am grateful to be able to live around the world. 


a few things
that make
me happy

Waking up to the birds chirping in the morning.

Falling asleep under a starry sky.

Connecting and learning from pure-hearted humans that are bravely building and creating.

Good manners.

Exploring and protecting our wonderful planet.

Baby bunnies. 


i'm focused

Building an investment community with a world-class team at Unreasonable. We envision a world in which the most valuable, influential & lasting companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Elevating Indonesian culture globally, through The Tropical Kitchen.


i believe in

Kindness 🤍