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DSTLLD BOOK SUMMARY: Deep Work // Cal Newport

DSTLLD is a series os summaries of mindset-changing books. Designed to review in less than one minute, DSTLLD captures the essence of books in one line and shares key highlights so you can determine if you want to dive in deeper.

At a glance...

Focus on the wildly importantly, and remove distractions.


  • The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. To thrive, you need the ability quickly master hard things and the ability to subsequently produce at an elite level.

  • The four rules of deep work:

  • RULE 1: Work Deeply (install routines, rituals, and habits)

  • RULE 2: Embrace boredom (use these moments to breathe deeply and think)

  • RULE 3: Quit social media

  • RULE 4: Drain the shallows (be mindful of how you spend every hour of your day)

  • Rest is important. When you work, work hard. When you're done, be done.

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